BRENDA FRASER (aka Butterfly)

Brenda Fraser was inspired to make jewelry after attending a workshop with Sri Baba, Wayne Dyer’s spiritual guru, in October 2005 at the Holistic Living Expo held in St. Louis.  She made a set of meditation beads and realized how much joy and peace comes from expressing her creativity within. She has designed jewelry for more than 10 years, and loves owning a boutique in historic St. Charles, MO.

Currently, Brenda is the weekly host of “Alive to Thrive with Brenda Fraser” on Blogtalk Radiowhere she has interviewed hundreds of authors, musicians, and motivational speakers. Some of these authors are featured in the boutique. She was named 2010 “Beyond the Best” recipient by Streetscape Magazine and “Professional Woman of the Year” in 2003 by the Colorado Business Council. She is a Past President of a local Zonta Club, and is currently the President of Zonta eclub USA-1 (Zonta.org). She is committed to empowering women through her jewelry creations as she often chooses beads from parts of Africa, such as Ghana, where women rely on bead-making for income.  Her motto is, “Changing the world – one bead at a time!”


Patrice Billings loves working with tools!  She can fix and build anything and has done rehabs on homes, including her own where she built a stone patio. With Butterfly and Moon Designs, she works with much smaller stones!  She discovered her passion for jewelry making while helping Brenda fix some rosary beads that were with Brenda’s mother on the day of her death in a car crash.  Since that first “fix”, Patrice now focuses on developing her skills with wire-wrapping semi-precious stones, creating pendants and one-of-a-kind items.  She loves working on custom orders, designing the perfect wedding set, or repairing Vintage pieces. 

Patrice retired in 2009 as the Chief Helicopter Pilot for the St. Louis County Police Department where she served for more than 28 years. She was on SWAT for 10 years and is a precision marksman. Perhaps that is where she gets her amazing talent for perfection and detail!  She is a Past President with a local Zonta Club and is currently involved with Zonta eclub USA1 (www.zonta.org) and served as a past board member of Safe Connections. She was nominated for an “American All-Stars Hero” award with the TV-show America’s Most Wanted.

She is currently working on her first fiction novel, inspired by her real-life experiences solving crimes and chasing bad guys!